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Email Marketing

Engage subscribers, nurture leads, and track results

Best Email Marketing Service for Small Businesses

The vast majority of users on the Internet use email (mailing) on a regular basis, which makes this type of constant and personalized communication with each user a highly effective solution for the communication objectives of any company.

Therefore, mailing is a coveted means of communication when it comes to reaching users. Its immediacy together with the possibility of reaching the user directly and capturing their attention without competing with other types of advertising at that time, and the possibility of easily controlling the reading and response rates by the target users, has made of email an important element in any internet marketing strategy.

The email marketing or sending mass mailings is a fast, economical and effective tool for advertising campaigns directly via email. Emails are sent to users who have requested information about products, services, promotions, etc. of the advertiser.

At MARKET SHAPERS we are specialists in creating e-Mail Marketing campaigns and we have an ideal platform to send mass emails, which will help you manage your campaigns and measure the results in real time.

What advantages does it have for your company to invest in eMail Marketing?

  • Attracting new customers and loyalty of current customers.
  • How quickly you can launch the campaign to send mass emails.
  • The simplicity of the format.
  • The multiple forms of communication that can be transmitted because of its flexibility.
  • Segmentation of users to whom mass emails are sent.
  • The mailing supports the personalization of the email, allowing to incorporate the user’s name in the mail itself.
  • The results support a real-time measurement.
  • The investment in sending mass emails is cheaper than most other forms of communication through Internet Marketing.

What does our eMail Marketing service offer you?

  • We help you define the objective of the campaign. Direct sale, loyalty, attracting new customers.
  • We help you segment the list of recipients. To which audience the campaign is aimed.
  • We define the scope of customization. We customize the contents according to the tastes of the recipient.
  • We design the email format. We make creative designs of the content and email form.
  • We create additional content. We include links to your website.
  • We create the virality option. The email will have the possibility of being forwarded.
  • Sending mass emails with anti spam filters. We carry out campaigns based on Marketing permission, not “Spam.”
  • We measure the results. We send you analysis and report of the campaign.

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