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Content Marketing Agency

Boost your organic traffic with quality content marketing

We are your agency for marketing content

A very good web writing strategy requires time and dedication so at Market Shapers we take that weight off you, with a specialized team and with years of experience at our disposal. To do this we have a team of journalists who know and apply the communication skills necessary to adapt the message to the target you want to address . We will inform you of everything related to your niche to convey confidence and demonstrate how well you know it. Our added value lies precisely there, in the ability to know your niche in depth to show your customers that you master it better than anyone else.

Articles 1,200 to 3,000 words

The number of words within each article may vary depending on the difficulty of the keyword and the amount of monthly searches.

SEO-optimized content

We take care of optimizing the article completely, from the use of keywords, optimization of titles, descriptions, images, etc.

Long tail content strategies

We create a long tail content strategy based on the searches that your target audience performs and the strategies implemented by the competition.

100% original and quality content

Thanks to our team of SEO copywriters we create 100% original and quality content for both the Google algorithm and the users.

What we do in our Content Creation Agency

We analyze the niche in which your company is located, and create a content marketing strategy. This is to create inbound marketing articles related to your niche or sector, which solve the needs and questions of potential customers.

We publish a series of quality monthly articles, about 1500 to 3000 words, this depends on the competition that exists in each sector and the difficulty of the keyword.

SEO-we optimize the contents , title, meta description, article size, Alt attribute in the images, keywords, etc. In order to position the articles in the main results of search engines and thus increase traffic and attracting potential customers . Contact our Content Marketing Agency, we advise you for FREE.

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