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Code Optimization

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The optimization of the code helps improve many elements that directly influence the performance of a website. There are important factors to make your web page fast, well structured and contain the necessary tags to help enhance the contents and processes of your website. Optimizing the code seeks that the techniques used are positive for the user, and therefore, for search engines.

Among the SEO techniques used to improve the positioning of your website in search engines, there are those to improve the loading speed, reorganize the structure of the template or web page, reduce the weight of the images, compress the files, apply cache systems and many other additional techniques in order to optimize the code.

Many times we work with generic systems and templates that seek to cover functionalities that your website probably does not need, nor will it use; With the optimization of the code these unnecessary cases will be eliminated making each visit the best user experience. Improving the response of a page or system, it is essential for user interaction, a web page will have better results if for each request it shows its contents quickly.

Other times simply, we seek to use plugins or additional modules to extend the functionality of our system and mostly require minimizing or adapting it to the particular case of our need. In these cases, the optimization of the code will seek to minimize it, improve any process and reduce the call to unnecessary requests by unifying files and elements, always maintaining the visualization and functionality of the website.

In some cases, code optimization is given by improving server-side programming or directly from the client side. In each case, there are ways to improve the code and thus the response of the website.

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